Delivering world class, chef inspired food, utilizing quality ingredients, driven by consumer need.

At MFI Modern Kitchens we curate the best ingredients from around the World. Providing our chefs with a global pantry of ingredients from which they drive food innovation fueled by key market and consumer insight!
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Identifying market trends is what we do

Supplying high-quality, shelf stable, chilled or frozen foods to the major grocery stores and food service providers in the USA. Since day one, our unique category insight has enabled us to identify market trends, positioning us as category leaders in a wide range of product channels.

We are different!

Our value added solutions for customers offer market leading, consumer insight driven concepts that are applicable for today’s market. Our procurement team source only from the best global producers, we work with industry leading manufacturers to tailor new, innovative products for our customers across the American market.

We are global

Our global reach ensures that our supply network leads the industry.

We are connected

Our supply partners are in tune with our market insights and are therefore at the forefront of innovation within their sector.

We are proactive

Our U.S production partners offer fresh, market leading solutions for the food service, retail & industrial sectors.

We scour the world for the finest quality ingredients, coupled with our world class development chefs, we deliver outstanding food designed to meet today’s consumer need