Insights and trends analysis are the bedrock of MFI Modern Kitchens.

We have identified 8 macro global food trends and 48 sub trends that affect today’s American consumers. By taking a global view we’re able to understand the impact these trends will have on our future product development. This gives us a comprehensive trends framework and aims to provide thought leadership in the food sector. We will use these trends and insights to inform and inspire our innovation strategy and help to create market leading concepts that resonate with our customers and the end consumer.

Waste Not

Waste is being tackled in many ways, with the key being not to create waste in the first place. Consumers are moving away from the it’s ‘OK to just recycle’, to a proactive stance of reducing consumption and bolstering upcycling as the circular economy model gains traction.

Beyond Meat

Growth of meat-free diets continues to gain momentum globally as more and more people are switching either in part or completely to meat free alternatives. Two schools of thought have emerged, one focused on plants and nature and the other on science and the lab.

Social Conscience

People are looking to connect with their food and its journey from creation to plate. They are choosing to take control and to make the world of food a more morally sound one, even if that means social activism.

Ocean Power

Fish is in, hook line and sinker as long as it’s sustainable. The trend for seafood is growing, as the appeal and intrigue of the ocean’s rich offerings comes from an intention to protect the environment and eat healthier.

Global Flavors

As the world gets smaller, the opportunities for creativity, inspired by cuisines and techniques from around the globe, broadens our culinary experience and provides new vision for the Epicurious.

Regenerative Agri

In order to face into the challenges laid down by climate change and increasing population we are entering a period of significant reimagining of how we feed ourselves, starting from the ground up.

All About Me

Food and beverage are harnessed as never before, not just as a salve to the senses and soul but also a balm to the body. Calming our minds and optimizing our physical potential; nutrition is laying down the foundations of health and wellness, for now and the future.