Our company’s ethos is founded on acting responsibly

– from nurturing the farmers that provide our food, to transportation, packaging and minimizing waste.

Here at Mitsui we recognize the need for an exemplary quality assurance team, who can provide first class auditing of farm and manufacturing plants, to meet both our customer and consumer needs.


Instantly accessible supply chain information provides Mitsui with the ability to trace all products back to source. Our data sharing platform is in real time and delivers full visibility.

Socially Responsible

Mitsui ensures suppliers are working ethically and in a manner that respects individuals, communities and the environment.

Food Safety

Mitsui’s suppliers must demonstrate that they have strong food-safety management practices. Our suppliers provide high-quality products, ingredients and services that meet all applicable quality and food safety standards, and are safe for human consumption, unadulterated and in compliance with all applicable United States laws and regulations. 


Generating a framework of trend, consumer & market insight will keep us ahead of the competition. We will generate compelling product propositions for our customers based on fact. We will take on a category leadership role in specific markets.


In launching MFI Modern Kitchens, we are taking a proactive approach to shift the business in a new direction. However, we must not lose sight of our heritage! Therefore, right now, let’s generate some insight, speak to some customers & innovate!


We know we operate within a reactive environment. The customer asks for an ingredient and we source it! We understand our suppliers, but do they understand where we want to go?

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